Check the discord for all the latest work 🙂


Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. And join the discord channel on the right side by pressing the discord icon 🙂


The official open beta starts Friday Jan 31th at 18:00 GMT+1! Download on discord. Will be available here also but little later.


A TestVersion7 is now released and I’m hoping you can test as much as possible in the game, especially map transitions. The plan now is to have this version out for a short time and after that I will do some advertising and set a date for a fresh test server with all accounts reset. I need to do this in order to try and grow the community some prior to a future steam release.


A new test version is now out:

A test version can now be downloaded here, come and try it out.


A test release is getting closer! Don’t forget to join our discord channel:


I’m happy to announce that everything is progressing very well! Almost everything is being remade and its getting close to completion.

Visit the discord channel on the right side or go straight to the forum here:

2019.07.08 – William – New Website
You are now viewing the new website, it will gain some work over time. But so far it should have all the needed information.
The old website will still be available here:

And you can go to Community to enter the forum or directly here:

2019.07.05 – William – Progress

The server port is finished and the client work has begun. For more information visit the Forum.

2019.06.20 – William – K2H is Back!

A new forum has been setup, and work has begun to setup a dedicated server for K2H. Join the forum now and wait with us 1-2 weeks until the server is up and running. Make sure you vote in the Announcements board wheter or not we should wipe all old accounts.

2018.09.25 – William – RIP Forum

The forum is now lost, the database was fully gone and my host could not restore it. I will search for a backup but so far without luck. I managed to restore an older forum that you can visit in the old forums button at the top. You can still contact me on: or visit my latest game project: