K2H Client

Download The Game HERE:


Download: K2H_Server_Host.zip

Everybody can now for free host and control their own 2D MMORPG server. It is easy and you get the power to completely remake the game if you wish. Have you always wanted to run your own server? Well now it's as easy as it can be. The server download comes with a full guide on how to get it all setup and running. If you have any issues you can reach out in the community and you will get help.

How does it work?
When you start the game, the first page is a server selection page. This page holds all the official servers and all the player hosted servers. When you have setup your server correctly it will be automatically be added onto that list for other players to join. You provide a description for your server that is shown on that page and are able to advertise that specific server to bring in new players.

What can I change?
First of there are some settings that you can begin by deciding on. These can be changed at any time.
* Server Type: PVP or PVE
* Exp Rate: Default value is 1, but you can set it to 4 and then all players on the server will get 4 times as much experience.

The server also comes with it's own C# scripting language and a big guide that explains it all to get you started. It is completely optional if you want to make your own scripts or not, it is not a requirement. You have the power to make new quests, fun events, only your imagination holds you back. You can script events that are triggered on tiles or create more complex structures by also utilizing scripts on events triggered by the player. Here are some examle events:
* OnJoinGame
* OnLeaveGame
* OnUseItem
* OnDropItem
* OnPlayerAttackPlayer
* And many more..

You can also change all the ingame content. With change I mean you can make new, edit existing or remove. So you have full access. Here are the different content you can change:
* Maps
* Items
* Monsters/NPCs
* Spells
* Arrows
* Shops