Creating your Character

Creating your character could be difficult if you don’t know the build up of the game. Each level in the game you gain 3 stat points and 2 protection points. There are no class restrictions in the game because it’s all stat based. So basically there are a numerous amount of different types of characters you could create:

Warrior – This character should have Strength and Endurance, a good start would be putting 12 strength and 13 endurance. This way you will be able to equip the first sword right away since it requires 12 strength, the first armor requires 15 endurance so you will be able to use that on level 2.

Archer – Now this character will focus mainly on agility but also have some endurance for protection. It’s recommended to start with 25 agility and go for 30 agility right away, and after that you can focus on endurance.

Fire/Earth Mage – This mage focuses on intelligence. All robes require both intelligence and wisdom. But there are two types of robes. One requiring mainly intelligence and one requiring mainly wisdom. So it might be good to check the item charts on the website. But mainly focus intelligence for spells, as this type of mage has more damage but less buff spells.

Air/Water Mage – Aka Priest: This mage focuses on wisdom. Wisdom spells have less damage than intelligence spells, but this player will be able to learn more buff spells. Buff spells are spells like: bless, haste, earthen strength, protection – and they all increase the players stats to make him stronger. Both mages have different equipment hence they will not look the same.

Battle Mage – As there are no classes you can construct any char you want. A battle mage would probably focus on strength, endurance and wisdom. There are some good buff spells that doesn’t require much wisdom/intelligence, such as: entangle, minor protection…

Ranger – I’d like to call a mixture between a archer and a air/water mage a ranger. This player would focus mainly agility but also have some wisdom; no endurance. It’s only protection would be using buff spells on himself.

There are five different types of stats in the game, they all do different things:

Strength – This is used as an requirement for weapons, but it also increases the damage warriors.

Endurance – This is used as an requirement for armors, helmets, shield and for each point you put on endurance the player gets 1 more max health point.

Agility – This is used as an requirement for bows, but it also increases the damage for archers.

Wisdom – This is used as an requirement for air/water spells and it also increases the damage.

Intelligence – This is used as an requirement for fire/earth spells and it also increases the damage.

Now when you’ve decided what type of character you want to be, you can go fourth to distributing the stat points and protection points. The protection points are a kind of resistance. There are four different resistances to choose between, and they only work against other players. So monsters will not be affected by these.

Fire and Earth – This is resistance against fire and earth based spells; a intelligence mage.

Air and Water – This is resistance against air and water based spells; a wisdom mage.

Dodge – This is resistance against arrows; a archer. You need dodge in order to avoid being hit with the full damage caused by a archer.

Speed – This is resistance against sword/axe/dagger attacks; a warrior.

You can mainly distribute these points however you wish according to what class you want to have a little more advantage over. The reistsance decreases the attackers damage by a small amount. When you finished distributing all the stat points it’s time to construct how your character will look, example:

creating a character

Playing ingame

Now when your account and character is created, you can start playing the game. So login to the game and you will start in the land of Mirovia, in the towns temple. Just above your starting location you see a table. This is a place where you can heal yourself for free by walking to it. Now it’s time to go and kill some monsters. You can use the world map to see where you are by reading the map number in the top right of the game screen. The first monster area you should go to is on map 10. And you start on map 1, so with the world map you can find your way to it easily: